Brighton rocked

Thanks, Brighton Marathon. I came, I’m sore and I conquered!

Well thanks, Brighton Marathon. I came, I’m sore and I sort-of conquered. Not the time I was hoping to run when I mounted my marathon comeback in December, but given the lost month of training, I think that my finish time – 3.45.17 – was pretty much what I was capable of on the day. It places me comfortably inside the Good for Age category for London, should I consider putting myself through all this again, for marathon number 19!

So, Brighton, what did you have for us? A glorious morning of blue sky with air lightly chilled. A well-organised start. An interesting, lively course with enough runners to make it feel like a big race without congestion and bottlenecks. You had friendly marshals and fantastic crowds, with high fives, jelly babies and orange segments at the ready. Oh, and some great race signs! (Is that a gel in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?) You had rousing drumming bands and storming DJs. And you didn’t have plastic bottles – all credit to you.

But, oh, you also gave us a stiff breeze along that seafront! Manageable on the initial eastward stretch, but by the time it came to those last four miles, I was practically weeping. And, I have to say, you dished out quite a few hills, too. I logged 665 feet of ascent! Barely worth mentioning in a gnarly trail race, but you certainly feel them in a marathon.

The overall verdict? You did yourself proud. I almost – but not quite – did the same.


Author: Sam Murphy

Journalist, author, running coach and educator

2 thoughts on “Brighton rocked”

  1. Sam you are incredible! You were maybe floored but not flawed! at Brighton by that terrible virus so recently losing a chunk of training. It’s time to remember that your best will always be good enough, but only always!! 😀As coaches, people watch you both, not only how you handle success which is great but also how you handle the dips and manage the times when you’re not 100% on form! Now there’s a thought! Do you go away and sulk and lick your wounds do what great coaches like you guys do- accept that everyone has their own moments of glory but also their moments of limitation. Remember it’s all okay. Being kind and generous to yourself is perfect for times like these, and in turn it helps to remember the limitations of others which you are both definitely in tune with. Thank you! You guys are an amazing example to us all!

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    1. What lovely comments – thank you so much. You’re so right – someone’s best is ALWAYS good enough and also that last bit, about not meeting your own goals reminds you to empathise with others when they don’t reach theirs – and while it’s good to analyse the ‘what went wrong’ sometimes, it’s also good to realise that not every experience carries a lesson – it is what it is! And you move on accordingly.


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